I've created tons of video and motion graphics content for clients throughout the years. You can see examples of my work on my vimeo page, at https://vimeo.com/shelbyklein.

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Advanced Exercise

  Website design, website development, svg animation – 2018


      website design, website development, svg animation, logo design – 2018

Castle Rock Family Counseling

Logo Design


As a part of Noble Communications, my team was tasked to create an engaging activation at the 2016 US Open.

Geekify Inc

Geekify needed a new, modern look for 2018. We carefully looked at what it’s audience was looking for in a website of it’s unique nature and made something that will let our users know that — when it comes to all things geek — Geekify Inc is the place to shop.


While den-vr.co is was not for any specific client, den-vr.co works as a prime example of the work made available to my clients – a lean, smart and powerful marketing tool that works to drive business.


CultureWaves is a consumer qualitative insights company that looks at consumer behavioral data. Work: Motion Graphics, Compositing, Color Correction, Editing While never getting to final product, HIVE was a dive into the potential of the Culturewaves engine. Work: Concepting, Motion Graphics

Camp Inc

Camp Inc came to me with a WordPress website that needed to switch between an image slider and a full screen video player on the fly. We created a system that makes it easy to choose what type of above-the-fold content they wanted to feature.

Golden Eagle Concert Band

The Golden Eagle Concert Band wanted a website that they could actually use. Just because you’re a local, volunteer based organization doesn’t mean you can’t have a website that works for you.

USA Archery

USA Archery needed a complete revamp of their Instructor and Coach certification programs, optimized for the digital age. I got the amazing opportunity to be the designer and developer to create and implement four publications for print.

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