It’s almost 2018 and the giant head that is Google is, once again, changing up the game in search with a move that will make the web safer for users but add a few more steps for making sure that your content isn’t blacklisted by the powers that be.

To be fair, SSL has been around for a long time, and most websites that don’t serve up any extra topical data, don’t need to double check their security.

But how many for-business websites don’t? (trick question – they all do – at least the good ones). Every installation of WordPress saves cookies on your user’s browsers, and it’s my job to make sure no one can exploit our information and applications for their purposes.

So let’s always make sure to close any back doors we’ve left open and adopt SSL into our workflow. It’s complicated, sure, and there’s a million ways to purchase and implement SSL certificates, but it will add additional value to each and every search, click and transfer of sensitive information on the web.

For my website, I used a I want to thank Sufiyan Momin over at for the awesome Let’s Encrypt tutorial he provided. I found it as an answer to a google search, which lead me to the AWS Developer forums, where he posted a link. In his 18 step guide, he provides Amazon Lightsail users (like me!) with a 19 step guide on how to set up Let’s Encrypt (a free 90-day-at-a-time SSL Certificate) right into my Lightsail server – and how to add a Cron Job for Auto renewal. So this website is secured for free. How great is that?

Most of the websites I work in outside of my own workflow, in one way or another, provides SSL certificates as additional products or allows you to use third party products to implement SSL through their back-end front-end (heh.) In the case of, I had to purchase a new certificate from a third party vendor (outside of his host) and implement through their UI.

SSL is a complicated but necessary way to continue to succeed on the web. If you need any help with your website’s security, feel free to reach out to me at any time!

Happy browsing!

– Shelby