Time for something new – let’s try the Genesis Framework

For 2018, I thought I would standardize the way I make my websites – and decided on the Genesis Framework.

This year I decided to go with a dirt simple, minimalist approach.

My friend Joe at MedicalMarcom.com wanted something special and flashy for a new blog type on his website, The Journey – where the first post seemed to gleam. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use animations and linear gradients in CSS – which gave me the one half of the design inspiration for my website’s main design (on the hero image).

I also wanted to try creating some offset looking divs and used  clip-path polygon around the site to make it look less standard and boxy.

Why create a new website every year?

There are many reasons – the largest being that It’s simply good practice overall, and quite frankly, you get tired of your website after looking at it for a year. You can check out my old one (in part) by going here.