A logo is more than just a marketing tool - it is a living representation of the function, core values, foundation and purpose of you and your company. That's why my goal is to provide my customers with a design and product that will promote growth and attract customers.

Your logo is the face of your company - completely exposed to the media, investors, customers and the world at large. If you don't provide a design that is easy to digest and retain, your integrity can be severely impacted. We all know that people's expectations are always rising and are quick to turn away if your logo can't hang. We make sure yours won't.

Design Philosophy


Design is the art of using rules and limitations to your advantage. My designs are defined with purpose and readability in mind.


A good logo should be easy to read and should stand out from the crowd. I create my designs with multiple use-cases in mind, so you can rest easy knowing your logo can work any way, any how.


It's fun to be on the bleeding-edge of design, but if it risks impacting your user, it's not an investment in the future of your business. We'll make sure your design sits right at the perfect spot in between too-little and too-much.


While it's great to have a good looking logo, our ultimate goal is to create a worthwhile graphic for you and your business.

Not Convinced? Check out some of my Featured Work.

Roodie’s Shack


USA Archery Website

  Account manager. 2019    

Fortune Financial Advisors


USA Archery 2018

Graphic Design

Advanced Exercise

  Website design, website development, svg animation – 2018


      website design, website development, svg animation, logo design – 2018

Castle Rock Family Counseling

Logo Design


As a part of Noble Communications, my team was tasked to create an engaging activation at the 2016 US Open.

Geekify Inc

Geekify needed a new, modern look for 2018. We carefully looked at what it’s audience was looking for in a website of it’s unique nature and made something that will let our users know that — when it comes to all things geek — Geekify Inc is the place to shop.


While den-vr.co is was not for any specific client, den-vr.co works as a prime example of the work made available to my clients – a lean, smart and powerful marketing tool that works to drive business.

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